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Altcoin Mining Pool for GPU and ASIC

Cryptocurrency mining pool for beginners and professionals. Regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring. Solo mining is also available for all coins.

Total hashrate of 2Miners pools

Ethash 38.23


Equihash 539.98


Equihash 125,4 584.65


Equihash 144,5 4.21


RandomX 146.08


FiroPoW 291.25


Cuckoo 101.57




BeamHash 613.16


Eaglesong 4.63


Autolykos v2 97.59



Regular payouts every 2 hours


Fees — 1,0% for PPLNS and 1,5% for SOLO

$7.48 M

Paid to miners

Last 24 hours 117700


online News 15 September 2022

Ethereum (ETH) Mining Ended. 2Miners makes one last payout. It could take some time, please wait.

2CryptoCalc finds the most profitable coin for you. If in doubt choose ETC, RVN, ERG.

We started the EthereumPoW (ETHW) pool. There are no exchanges that allow deposits but mining works fine. Join now. We will soon add ETHW to 2CryptoCalc.

7 September 2022

New coin in 2Miners - Neoxa (NEOX). KAWPOW algorithm (same as Ravencoin). Welcome to mine Neoxa with us in POOL or SOLO.

22 June 2022

ERG block reward dropped from 63 ERG to 51 ERG at block 777 217. 2CryptoCalc calculator was updated. More info on ERGO website.

16 June 2022

0% fee for FIRO mining. Because of the FIRO halving the miners get two times less rewards now. 2CryptoCalc.com was updated. 2Miners is completely removing its commission, making it 0% for both Pool and Solo.

MiningPOOL SOLO Ergo 88.16 TH/s AUTOLYKOS Miners Online 31758 Luck 54% Minimum Payout 1ERG Status Active Ethereum Classic 26.75 TH/s ETCHASH Miners Online 29006 Luck 49% Minimum Payout 0.1ETC Status Active Ravencoin 6.86 TH/s KAWPOW Miners Online 21437 Luck 146% Minimum Payout 10RVN Status Active Ethereum PoW 8.40 TH/s ETHASH Miners Online 15190 Luck 7% Minimum Payout 0.1ETHW Status Active Monero 137.07 MH/s RANDOMX Miners Online 3490 Luck 12% Minimum Payout 0.01XMR Status Active Bitcoin GOLD 4.13 MS/s EQ 144,5 Miners Online 3253 Luck 215% Minimum Payout 0.1BTG Status Active Neoxa 672.37 GH/s KAWPOW Miners Online 1383 Luck 201% Minimum Payout 10NEOX Status Active Beam 552.72 KS/s BEAMHASH Miners Online 1356 Luck 117% Minimum Payout 3BEAM Status Active Cortex 41.61 KGps CUCKOO Miners Online 1335 Luck 31% Minimum Payout 5CTXC Status Active Flux (ZelCash) 561.24 KS/s EQ 125,4 Miners Online 1219 Luck 61% Minimum Payout 10FLUX Status Active Firo (Zcoin) 250.11 GH/s FIROPOW Miners Online 1070 Luck 230% Minimum Payout 0.1FIRO Status Active Zcash 364.70 MS/s EQUIHASH Miners Online 598 Luck 81% Minimum Payout 0.01ZEC Status Active GRIN 2.15 KGps CUCKOO Miners Online 495 Luck 101% Minimum Payout 10.0GRIN Status Active Nervos 3.66 PH/s EAGLESONG Miners Online 416 Luck 44% Minimum Payout 500CKB Status Active Aeternity 75.68 KGps CUCKOO Miners Online 251 Luck 167% Minimum Payout 5AE Status Active Callisto 184.95 GH/s ETHASH Miners Online 198 Luck 21% Minimum Payout 10CLO Status Active Zencash 73.38 MS/s EQUIHASH Miners Online 120 Luck 31% Minimum Payout 0.1ZEN Status Active Expanse 49.45 GH/s ETHASH Miners Online 79 Luck 40% Minimum Payout 0.1EXP Status Active Metaverse 34.48 GH/s ETHASH Miners Online 57 Luck 180422% Minimum Payout 0.5ETP Status Active MimbleWimbleCoin 575.58 Gps CUCKOO Miners Online

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